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Welcome to ConserveIT

ConserveIT Limited is an Alternative Energy company specialising mainly in the deliverable of Solar and Wind Energy based solutions to our clients.Our organization is dedicated to fuelling the rapid deployment of renewable energy across Jamaica and the Caribbean to help regain our national energy independence and fight climate change.
We provide rural and urban, as well as commercial clients, the means to save money, reduce ecological impact and realise their sustainable energy goals.

Our goals are achieved through personalised consultation, design, sales and installation of sustainable energy systems. During our years of operation, we are able to take the time to analyse customers' requirements and come up with appropriate customised solutions.

We hope to do this by providing products and services like:


  •  Solar Water Heater - Design and Installation
  • Solar Power - Assessment, Design and Installation
  • Solar Pool Heating Systems - Assessment, Design and Installation
  • WInd Power - Assessment, Design, and Installation
  • LED Lighting
  • Inverter Air Conditioning
  • Electrical Contractors (Commercial and residential) installation

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